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Addiction Treatment From Your Home Or Office

A common misconception that prevents people from seeking treatment for any type of addiction is the issue of in-patient requirements.

In some situations, particularly for alcohol or drug detoxification, medical treatment may be required to assist with withdrawal symptoms, or to support the client through a physical withdrawal period. But in many situations, including addictions not related to alcohol or drugs, there are no detox requirements. Individuals that have completed any required detox or those without this need are ideal candidates for addiction treatment using online psychotherapy and counselling services.

Mayfair Online Therapy was one of the first practices in the UK to offer Skype and online treatment services. As pioneers in the use of this technology, our staff are experienced in providing the services required for clients to go through addiction recovery treatment from their home or office.

The Benefits of Online Addiction Treatment

We use a variety of psychotherapy approaches in the holistic treatment of addiction: we don't just treat the symptoms, we treat the whole person. Talking therapy approaches assist our clients in exploring and changing unhealthy thought patterns and internal messages that contribute to an addiction. We also provide personalised education and information, to help clients become more aware of the science behind their addiction.

Online addiction therapy can include a range of different approaches. Just like an in-person therapy session, online therapy is not directed by the therapist. Instead, the professional and the client work together to set up a therapy schedule, determine the topics of the meetings and set goals throughout the treatment process. Based on confidential one-to-one therapy sessions that are held online, the therapist determines the most effective approach to addressing an addiction problem.

Online treatment eliminates the need to come into the office. For busy professionals, parents and those that travel, the online option is ideal. It saves times, offers the confidentiality so important in therapy work, and makes it easy to connect with the therapist for the full length of the treatment.

What to Expect

Most people are by now familiar with the use of online video and audio platforms. After just a few minutes of an initial session people are usually comfortable with the technology and able to focus in on what they wish to discuss.

Based on the type of therapeutic approach the therapist chooses, various aspects of the discussion will be explored and highlighted. This is the role of the therapist; to effectively match the needs of the client to be the best therapeutic method.

Through discussions and exercises, the client and the therapist work together to understand the underlying issues driving the addiction. This information helps to create more effective and positive coping mechanisms, to sustain sobriety or addiction-free living, while also limiting the risk of relapse.

The therapy offered at Mayfair Online Therapy is designed to treat the whole person. Overall lifestyle changes, addressing underlying mental health issues and creating a unique treatment plan for each individual allows for addiction recovery, without the need for in-patient treatment.

Mayfair Online Therapy have over 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy, covering the treatment of a wide range of issues. We are based in Mayfair in central London, but can work with clients from across the UK and Internationally.

If you are interested in finding out more, or to discuss any questions you may have about online treatment options, call us on +44 7809 668193 or +44 7557 362207 at any time.

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